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Here we go with our first Online Workshop. This workshop is a matter of the heart to us, so we wanted to create something really good.
We started producing the workshop beginning of 2017 and can’t wait to share the results with you guys! We’re sure, if you guys are diligent and open minded, this workshop will help you killing it.
You can select between “The Live Wedding Edition” and “The Couple Shoot Edition”. Both packages include tons of learnings which we’ve achieved during our last 4 years as wedding- and couple photogs. No Secrets – you will learn everything we know!

Depending on your choice, you will either accompany us on a Live Wedding or become a part of two different Live Couple shoots.

For us it’s the biggest gift to work as photographers and travel the world als husband and wife. We’re soooo thankful for everybody who made it possible in the past and will make it possible in the future!

As we want to give something back to this amazing photographer community we created an early bird “All in One Edition”. It includes both Editions “The Live Wedding Edition” and “The Couple Shoot Edition”. If you want to learn EVERYTHING you definitely need the “All in One” Edition!! However you need to be quick, as this Special will be limited to 100 packages!

Another highlight is a Q&A-video, which we’ll record in January. It’s going to be available for all members for free. There we will answer everything you wanna know and all questions you would like to discuss with us. If you bought one of our classes feel free to send us your questions by e-mail. We are looking forward to a Q&A session in January with you!

btw. As this workshop is for photogs. it requires a basic knowledge of photography!

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