Mountainpeak adventure in the Alps

We always love when our adventurous couples decide to climb up on a stunning mountainpeak for an after wedding shoot! With Ameli and Alex, we decided to explore the Nordkette near Innsbruck/Austria. Unfortunately there was a lot of fresh snow the day before the shoot so they closed the cableway because of avalanche danger. So we spent the whole night searching for a great alternative location for our shoot. The next day, on the road, we checked the website of the mountain cableway again – and luckily it was opened! So back to plan A.. When we reached the mountaintop it was just breathtakingly beautiful! We had a crystal clear view so we could enjoy the sunset over the snow covered mountain chains. The only handicap we had were the temperatures.. it was about -20*C or even colder! It was not only hard for our cameras and Chris 🙂 but especially for Ameli and Alex in their outfits.. They’ve done a great job and in the meantime we’ve hidden in a quiet corner to warm up together.. In the end the whole shoot did not last longer than half an hour and it was a real border experience for all of us! But there’s one thing that we all can definitely say: Worth it!! And apart from all the beautiful pictures that we four created together, it was an unforgettable experience for all of us, that we’ll remember over and over again!