Adventurous Elopement on Mauritius

Here and then we get the opportunity to work as Adventure elopement photographer and capture intimate weddings all over the globe. When these Beauties contacted us and told us everything about their dreams and plans for their Adventure Elopement on Mauritius, we couldn’t believe this was real. They send through such a cute pic and .. Dang! These two look like models, aren’t they? Couldn’t wait for April to get on this most far Destination Wedding 2017 – and yes, it also was a dream of us to travel this island at the other side of the planet somewhere in the Indian Ocean. The day before the wedding, we met each other to talk about the final details for the big day. The wedding day itself was just dreamlike. These two are full of love and they celebrated themselves and their love to the fullest. We are so grateful we’ve become a part of this wedding and got to know these warmhearted humans. And yeah, we feel like we’re witnesses for them now. 🙂 By the way, thanks guys for taking us with you to the dolphin tour during your honeymoon 🙂 We’ll never forget this! All we can say is keep on shining! People like you make it a better world!

The ceremony started 2 hours before sunset – that was just perfect in terms of temperature and light. OK, it was still pretty hot and luckily we could shoot this wedding barefoot and in board shorts. The trees next to the beach gave us some soft and natural shade which was perfect.

Right after they said their I Do’s they directly ran into the ocean to enjoy their Champagne before we started to do some portraits at the beach.

Initally the dinner was planned to be at the beach but it became a little stormy (still pretty hot) and so the dinner was moved to the porch next to the private pool.. That was just super romantic and perfect to jump inside the pool at night for a little refreshment. Also thanks for sharing the wedding cake with us 😉



When you hear about Mauritius everyone thinks about beaches and palm trees but we found out that this beautiful island has got some amazing cliffs and mountains in store. It’s hard to go there on the wedding day but it’s definitely worth to explore. So we went there the next day for an amazing post wedding shoot with the newlyweds.. The best way to explore and make memories in an epic scenery! As it was raining on the wedding day, these two decided to let the lanterns fly during the post wedding shoot.
That was just dreamy!

Below you’ll find a highlight video, that we’ve created during our stay on Mauritius. We think this is a great way to capture the special flair and the perfect chance for your families and friends at home to get a feeling and to dive in into your adventure. Especially for elopements this is something that shouldn’t miss! The brides family called this highlight video – the Trailer to a big Hollywood movie and that’s what we wish to you.. A life even better than any Hollywood movie and may all your dreams become reality!